In recognition of his outstanding research in developmental biology in Latin America during the early stages of his independent career, the Selection Committee arrived to the unanimous decision of awarding Pablo Strobl-Mazzulla (Argentina) with the LASDB New Investigator Prize 2024.
The award was made at the LASDB-2024 Congress in Valparaíso, where Pablo gave a plenary lecture.
Congratulations Pablo !!!

Pablo Strobl-Mazzulla has made important contributions to the field of developmental biology and he has an active involvement in science education both locally and internationally. After a postdoc at Caltech, Pablo established his independent laboratory in Argentina in 2011, becoming group leader of the Developmental Biology lab in INTECH, Chascomus (Province of Buenos Aires). Works from his lab have contributed to a deeper understanding of the role of the epigenetic mechanisms that control cell specification and differentiation during development in vertebrates.

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The LASDB New Investigator Award is awarded not more than once a year to recognize a new investigator performing outstanding research in developmental biology in Latin America during the early stages of their independent career. The award is made at the LASDB meeting, where the winner will be invited to give a plenary lecture.

The Award is given for work performed and published within 15 years of receiving a Ph.D. or other equivalent professional degree (though exceptions can be made for career disruptions such as maternity/ paternity leave, COVID19, etc.). Nominee’s research will be evaluated in terms of originality, independence from mentors, significance, and impact on the broader field of developmental biology.
The candidate needs to be currently working in a Latin American country. Neither the proposer, nor the candidate need to be LASDB members.

Nominations should consist of:
• Nominee’s CV (2 pages max)
• Nomination letter (max 2 pages A4) including:
  - Why the nominee deserves the award
  - Mention specific study(s) published by the nominee
  - Significance of the nominee’s work and its impact on the field
  - Independence from mentors
• Optional: Additional letter(s) of support (optional), highlighting some aspect of nominee’s research accomplishments.

Prize Selection committee: it will the same committee that will award the LASDB prize, composed by outstanding developmental biologists with active interest in Latin American science. The LASDB New Investigator Award and the LASDB prize should be awarded in the same session of Selection committee.

Deadlines 2023:
Nominations should be sent directly to the LASDB president (Email address:; cc LASDB email: by the closing deadline.
• For election of the Selection committee for the 2024 LASDB Prize (same than for the LASDB New Investigator Award): already decided for the 2024 LASDB prize
For nominations of 2024 LASDB New Investigator Award: extended until 17 October 2023
• For the final selection of the 2024 LASDB New Investigator Award and invitation to attend the LASDB-2024 meeting: 15 November 2023